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The Will To Change: Uncovering True Stories of Diversity & Inclusion

May 17, 2024

Mark McBride-Wright, author of "The Safe Leader" and Founder & CEO of EqualEngineers, joins Jennifer,  Jenn T. Grace of Publish Your Purpose, and Eduardo Placer of Fearless Communicators to discuss the critical importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the engineering and STEM fields. Mark shares his journey of writing the book, the support he received from Jennifer, Jenn and Eduardo along the way, and his mission to change the culture in engineering to one where everyone can feel safe to bring their whole authentic selves to work. The group explores how creating psychological safety is key to making progress on DEI goals and reducing the unacceptably high rates of suicide and mental health struggles prevalent in the engineering industry today. Mark's work provides a new vocabulary and framework for tackling these challenges and has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach DEI across all industries.